Cleaning Services by Room (as needed/requested):

All glass accessories cleaned
Baseboards dusted
Blinds dusted
Mirrors cleaned
Sinks scrubbed and sanitized
Tile and chrome cleaned
Toilets scrubbed and sanitized inside and out
Tub scrubbed and sanitized
Wash floor
Window sills cleaned

Other Living Areas:
All areas dusted
Baseboards dusted
Blinds dusted
Carpets vacuumed
Picture frames dusted
Window sills cleaned
Cobwebs removed

Baseboards dusted
Blinds dusted
Cabinet fronts cleaned
Counter tops and backslash cleaned
Floor washed
Sink scrubbed
Window sills cleaned
Picture frames and knick-knacks dusted
Floors vacuumed

All areas dusted
Baseboards dusted
Blinds Dusted
Cobwebs removed
Flooring vacuumed or dust mopped
Mirrors cleaned
Window sills cleaned

Standard Services we provide:

Cleaning Bathrooms

Cleaning the Kitchen

Cleaning Sinks, Tubs & Toilets

Cleaning Front of Ovens & Refrigerators

Dusting & Vacuuming

Cleaning Walls, Floors & Tiles

Dusting Blinds

Dusting Woodwork

Vacuum Hallways

Cleaning Glass Surfaces & Mirrors

Wipe Cabinet Doors

Sweeping & Mopping All Floors

When we return for recurring service, we don’t repeat all of the tasks listed: we maintain them. We do not climb higher than a 3ft 2 step ladder. Most homes have at least one light fixture/ceiling fan that can’t be reached by hand or heavy furniture that can’t be lifted, when this occurs we try our best to reach this area with an extension. 

Please allow for some dust resettlement after we leave, we try to limit the dust in the air but cannot prevent this entirely.

We are a pet friendly business but appreciate your help in making sure pets are secured and safe on cleaning days. For health reasons we have instructed our staff to leave certain items and or areas untouched; pet crates, beds, litter boxes or any area where there is fecal matter, fleas or vomit.

Any residence that has a bed bug infestation will not be provided service by our company. This is due to the safety of our employees and other clients who request our services.

Blinds will be dusted but may have extensive build up that cannot be removed or we would need additional time to completely cleaned.


  • Clean Chandeliers
  • Above 6ft areas or ledges
  • Clean areas above the reach of our 3ft step ladder
  • Provide stain, paint removal or insect removal
  • Wash walls (we spot clean only upon request)
  • Move heavy items
  • Remove Paint on post construction cleaning
  • Clean Animal waste or litter or animal kennals
  • We don’t provide additional cleaning requests unless pre-approved ie wash dishes, wash clothing, scrubbing floors.
  • We don’t clean pianos
  • We don’t remove window or solar screens. If the client requests an outside window cleaned which has a screen, the client is responsible for removal and replacement of the screen.